Friday, 25 January 2013

Ask for and give information

Ivet: Hello, there. Can I help you?
Cris: Yes, I'm staying in Barcelona with a friend next week and we were wondering if there's anything to see around there. Have you got any information?
Ivet:Yes, there are three hours trips to la Sagrada Familia if you're interested. I'll get you a leaflet.
Cris: That sounds good. What time do the trips leave?
Ivet: OH, they're quite regular - they go every day except Monday at 9 a.m and 15:00 pm.
Cris: OK. And how much is the trip? We've got students cards.
Ivet: Let's see. Well, in that case it's 6 pounds per person. The full price is 10 pounds.
Cris: That's fine. We'll go on Tuesday, then. Do we need to book it?
Ivet: I'll book it for you if you like. Can I take your names?

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